Virtualizing Microsoft SQL Server on VMware

i stumbled over my notes file from 2010, when i started to have a closer look at VMWare Server Performance.

Here are the links:

Best Practices for SQL Server

Best Practice for SQL 2008 High Availability

Virtualisierung von Unternehmensanwendungen: SQL Server

Best Practices and Considerations for Virtualizing Microsoft SQL Server on VMware

Performance Characterization of VMFS and RDM Using a SAN

Performance and Scalability of Microsoft SQL Server on VMware vSphere 4

MS SQL Server Best Practices (not really VMWare related, but worth reading)

verschl├╝sseltes Backup unter Windows mit 7zip

@echo off
break on
echo “Backup der Dateien auf USB Stick ?

set YYYY=%date:~-4%
set DD=%date:~-10,2%
set MM=%date:~-7,2%

echo %YYYY%%MM%%DD%

if exist E:\Backups\EC074284\pwhint.txt goto weiter
goto usbmissing
set DESTINATION=E:\Backups\EC074284

“C:\Program Files\7-Zip\7z.exe” a -r %DESTINATION%\u-%YYYY%%MM%%DD%.7z u:\*.* -pMEINPASSWORT
“C:\Program Files\7-Zip\7z.exe” a -r %DESTINATION%\notes-%YYYY%%MM%%DD%.7z C:\_Daten\Notes\*.* -pMEINPASSWORT

goto ende
echo “Philips USB Stick nicht gefunden in LAufwerk E:”
goto ende

echo Fertig