Virtualizing Microsoft SQL Server on VMware

i stumbled over my notes file from 2010, when i started to have a closer look at VMWare Server Performance.

Here are the links:

Best Practices for SQL Server

Best Practice for SQL 2008 High Availability

Virtualisierung von Unternehmensanwendungen: SQL Server

Best Practices and Considerations for Virtualizing Microsoft SQL Server on VMware

Performance Characterization of VMFS and RDM Using a SAN

Performance and Scalability of Microsoft SQL Server on VMware vSphere 4

MS SQL Server Best Practices (not really VMWare related, but worth reading)

VMWare Performance Analysis – collection of links

Here is the link collection, that i used to get more knowledge.

Interpreting esxtop Statistics

Using esxtop to TroubleshootPerformance Problems

Using the esxtop tool to identify VMware ESX memory use

esxtop command showing high %RDY values for Virtual Machines running on NUMA enabled ESX hosts.

Performance Monitoring and Analysis

Troubleshooting Performance Related Problems in vSphere 4.1 Environments